Shameless - Just Family Stuff - Season 6 - Official Teaser


Shameless - Season 6 (2016) | The Gallaghers are back to being up to no good in this teaser for Showtime’s Shameless. Season six appears to pick up where the last season ended, with Carl and Chuckie representing rival gangs in juvie, Lip engaging in husband-approved sex with his professor, and Kev and V still having trouble in bed. But at least Fiona seems to have winnowed down her list of inappropriate suitors to settle on her boss Sean. It’s still not clear if Debbie is pregnant, but the fact that Fiona admonishes her for “being happy about this” would suggest that she’s entering the teen-mom phase of her life. Oh, and Frank (William H. Macy) mourns Dr. Bianca by masturbating at her grave site.

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