Cadence - Official Trailer


Cadence (1989) | It's the mid 1960s and for getting drunk and going AWOL after his father dies, Army Private Bean (Charlie Sheen), stationed in West Germany, gets 90 days in the stockade. Bean discovers that he is the only white in a block of black prisoners imprisoned for various crimes, some extremely serious. Master Sergeant McKinney (Martin Sheen, who also makes his directorial debut in this movie) commands the stockade and soon develops a dislike for Bean because Bean will not take sides against his fellow prisoners. Each day the prisoners are trucked to work on land near the stockade. In a corner of a field is a broken windmill which Bean becomes intrigued with and gets permission to repair during work breaks. Soon some of the other prisoners from the block start helping Bean with the windmill.But Sergeant McKinney's dislike of Bean keeps growing. The harder McKinney pushes, the more Bean digs in. Clearly things must come to a head. But who will come out on top?rn

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